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Advice Needed Pleaes of Funny Thing on Feet

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I was cleaning out my GP's yesterday when I noticed that one of them (Franky) had a 'poo' sticking to his front paw (is it called foot or paw???) anyway, I tried to pull it off but it wouldn't come off and seems to be a growth instead of a poo (it is exact same size, shape and colour of poo though). It seems to be growing out of the soft padded bit under the foot and coming out to the side of the foot. Benny, our other one, seems to have smaller versions of these as well so I am wondering if this is a normal thing to occur as they get a bit older - mine are nearly 3 years old now.


Would appreciate some advice because it is worrying me....

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It is ages since we had guinea pigs, but I remember taking one to the vet once as it had a strange thing on its foot.


She said they were called "spurs" and are a bit like a callous.


She trimmed them off and showed me how to do it.


See**here**. (Scroll down to the "spurs" bit).


Does it look like this at all?

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