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Marans Cuivre from Thornes Letchworth

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I have, I have! Got mine in October.


She lays chestnut brown flecked eggs which usually have flecks inside around the yolks, the yolks are big compared to the whites and they weigh around 50g.


She's a gorgeous looking hen but not the friendliest and a bit devoid of personality.


I prefer my Coral (huge eggs and gorgeous looking hen) and my Rhode Star (very friendly) - or am I not allowed to say that about my own hens? :oops:



Her egg is the brownest one





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I got a MC from Thornes about a week after Jo. We called her Lola, and she is the biggest of all my girls, very pretty, but not too friendly. I got a silver nick, coral and columbine at the same time, the columbine was by far the friendliest, but unfortunately she died quite suddenly. The silver nick is really friendly, and the coral is a bit flighty to say the least.


In terms of eggs, Lola lays dark brown eggs, and again like Jo's girl, she didn't start laying until about 24 weeks. She stopped completely for a week about 3 weeks ago, but has started again, and we now get on average 6 eggs a week from her.


Do you know what else Thornes are getting in next week? I'm allowed 2 more hens when they get more in......

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Aw, she looks really pretty. I'm amazed she started to lay at 24 weeks-but then she is a hybrid. I'm still waiting for my pure breeds to come into lay, they are now 31 and 33 weeks and should lay soon. We've had them since they were 9 and 11 weeks and that was way back in September...Ho, hum. :roll:

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Do you know what else Thornes are getting in next week? I'm allowed 2 more hens when they get more in......


They have silver nicks, magpies and something orangey-brown that looks like a gingernut (wasn't paying attention as I didn't want any more brown birds). They are all 15 weeks old, so quite young I thought.


They ordered too late to get any columbines this month altho Frank said they should have some in next month's batch and there were no bluebelles or speckeldys either. If I'd gone there on my own I probably would have left it til next month but I took my 4-year-old DD with me who decided she wanted a white chicken. I'm really pleased with my beautiful "gone wrong" magpie whose body should be blacker but she really caught my eye and it's not like hybrids have breed standards!

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