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Thanks Clare,


I was hoping to find a breeder more local than that! Reading is still quite far for me.


I have been on Google and looked up the garden hen, their birds look lovely, still like to find someone closer if possible.


Will not rule either option out though.


Still really unsure about the whole pure breed or hybrid thing. If I could find a really local breeder I think I would go pure breed, but without maybe hybrid is the way to go???!!! :?

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I bought my Amber Star hybrid from the Meadow Sweet agents Mr & Mrs Millar in High Wycombe last year. She was £9 and is lovely.


Thats the place I went to too.

Gorgeous farm with amazing views & nice big barns with all the hens looking really well looked after :P


They have their own website now too - http://www.croftersfarm.co.uk/index.htm



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