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Guest andy:):)

Rabbit wee wee

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Hi everyone, I noticed when I was cleaning out my darling Honey rabbit that her bedding was orange from her wee.


I've just introduced her to grass + she had an injection yesterday so that might be it.


What colour is rabbit wee?


Any thoughts?


From Andy:)

(orange eglu) + Honey the rabbit

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hi, no need to worry - rabbit wee changes regularly, and there are generally four different colours - orange, red, yellow and clear. sometimes it is quite 'thick' and looks a bit startling. but as long as its coming out there is nothing to worry about. ensure there is plent of fresh water for your rabbit and there will be no wee problems! oh yes and there are generally two kinds of poo aswell. sticky and solid - she'll eat plenty of the solid ones, so just make sure there are not lots of sticky ones on her fur. although Honey should do this on her own.


hope this helps

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