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how do i know if they are crouching?

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my buff hardley sits if she does its all her body on floor to dust bath, but yesterday she came to my daughter, who began to stroke her, she sat funny with her belly to floor as if to say, oh ill have more of that, would u class that as a crouching she hasnt laid for me yet, she is about 26 ish weeks the lady i got her from was unsure if she had laid 1 or 2 eggs ive had her now 3 weeks +

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That sounds like it might be crouching Debbie - they certainly get tamer as they come into lay, so the fact that she approached your daughter is a good sign! Also, when they crouch they stick their elbows out, quiver and do a little tap dance with their feet. When you have finished stroking them they fluff themselves up and have a good shake before going about their business again. 8)

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