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Hello, I'm new and need some help please!

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My name is Danielle and I live in Suffolk with my parents, Brother, 15 Laying hens, 6 Ducks, 2 Geese and many Sheep!


I'm at school and am completing my A-Levels in Art, Product Design, English Literature and General Studies.


For part of my Product Design Course i have to complete a product study, and I chose the Eglu! I have emailed James and Simon for some information, but for part of the study i must have first hand experience / research....unfortunately i don't own an Eglu as I'm a poor student.....So.....this is where you come in...


... Please post photographs of yourselves, your Eglus, Your birds on this topic, and tell me ...


* what the ergonomic features of the Eglu are and how they work?

* What makes the Eglu an innovative design?

* Why do the aesthetics appeal to you the customers?

* What does the design of the Eglu remind you of?


Also tell me why you love your Eglu and what owning the Eglu has ment for you.


Many thanks indeed, looking forwards to the responce...


Danielle xxxx

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hello fantansic flock.

You can have a look at my blog if you wish which answers most of yor quiestions and loads of pics on it


i suppose the ergonomic features are the shape pf the house and run and the novative labour saving design on poop disposal, cleanability and insulating outer shell.


oh i think i answered two questions in one


the aesthetics that appeal to me at the shape, size and plastic design of the hen house part it will not erode or need much maintenance. it is hygenic and so easy to clean. Keep the girls warm and toasty in tehnasty weather


The design reminds my of an egg i guess thats the idea.


i love my eglu because it has given my garden life and means i can have animals big enough to have a relationship with, as i am allergic to everything with fur, hens are not dogs but they do like a cuddle and give my much pleaseure as they can be quite funny creatures and have their own individual presonalities and funny quirks . Owning it has meant that i take much more of a concious descion to look at where my food comes from and how the meat that i buy has been looked after and the quality of life the animal had before it reaches my table.

lso nwo the girls get most of the raw kitchen s"Ooops, word censored!"s it has made me compost more and they get to titbits before it goes to the compost so household waste has been reduced.

I hope that helps and im sure there will be more and very different answers on the way soon

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Hi Danelle,


Happy to help where I can.


... Please post photographs of yourselves, your Eglus, Your birds on this topic, and tell me ...


Firstly, check out the gallery section as there are loads of pics there!


I have only had my egu 2 weeks today but there is nothing like having a chicken trying to get through your cat flap. Who needs a water feature when you have chickens bring life to your garden!


The eglu appealed to me not so much for its design but more for the practicality.


I have previously kept guiney pigs and rabbits and keeping them clean was not easy in a wooden hutch. When I saw the eglu and another company that makes plastic hen houses I knew that we would end up with one or the other.


What swung it for me was the way it is not only designed for the chooks but also for ease of care. The litter tray that lifts out to be emptied every couple of days, the lift out roosting bars, the top and sides that are a complete piece and lift off completely so you can get a jet wash out on it, the nesting box has a drain hole in it and everthing is in wipe clean plastic for the welfare of the chooks against mites and hygiene raleted problems.


The egg port door and main door have solid closing mechanisms and you get a good sound click when you use them.


It is portable and you can chase the winter sun round the garden and it helps prevent permanant damage to my lawn so my garden remains a garden.


I have mine in green and it makes little impact visually (which straddles the divide between modern and traditional) although the option is there to make a statement with all the available colours.


The eglu definately reminds me of Apple Mac or Dyson (I have a dyson too). It seems to come from the same ethic of modern design wrapped around good practical engineering. Try to see last chrismas's dimbleby lectures by James Dyson if you haven't already seen it as it makes the point about engineering first, design second.


I love the fact that the eglu has made chicken keeping a reality for me. My daughter (aged 3) is being brought up knowing where her food comes from and helps me care for the girls and goes egg hunting every day.


Having the eglu has had a knock on effect in my familys life. I now cook more adventourously with the aid of my daughter and have swapped to organic veggies and will some be making the change to non-additive meat and fair trade products.


Having the eglu has made me think about being more responsable in my shopping habbits so our lives have improved all round.

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Hello there


Glad to help - click on my www below to see my blog - I got them on 9th November so look in the archives.


Or go to links above, Eglu blogs, Allotment lady - It is precised there - well the first month, first impressions etc which is what you mainly need.


Good luck and keep us updated - nice to get feedback

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Hi Danielle I am happy to help you need to go to the gallery to find me my chicken album is called chooks from the north and it is way back on one of the early pages and I have a garden album louises garden as well and I think some snowy pictures too :? I am in the eglu owners gallery somewhere too :lol:

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