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Wood chips - for free?

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Just had our five ladies with cube delivered today!

Simon, from Omlet suggested that I posted the following info on the forum as he thought it was a great :idea: !


I got my woodchips FREE from a local tree surgeon. They have to pay to tip the stuff so when I called to ask where I could get it from they were happy to let me have it for nothing. :dance:


The drawback being that a load was tipped on my drive (a humungus mound of it :shock: ) and we had to ferry it to the back of the garden :roll: . We also had to take out some holly and small pine branches as none of it was graded. Other than that the stuff smelled just like pine, we didn't pay a penny and I lost 2 1/2 lb at my Rosemary Conley weigh in! 8)


Hope this helpful to someone out there! :D

Cathie x

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Blimey! :oops:

When it was piled on the drive in a big heap I did notice that it was quite warm in the middle, but it's now spread over a wide area about 3 inches thick on top of soil so we think it will be ok...............won't it? The rest of it has been scattered around the garden.

Thanks for the warning!

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My hubby is a tree surgeon and I have tons of the stuff - it warms up and steams which is what you should do with it - leave it in a heap to start to compost down before you use it - dont use it straight away on your garden at all and it really wont go on fire - just heats up. The blackbirds love it as it composts down and gets full of worms.

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