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Shelley Cockell

glugs and grubs - will they fit ??

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I'm thinking of getting some feeders etc from omlet as I have a ground level feeders and drinkers which seem to get really messy when the chooks are confined to their run. I do not have an eglu/cube and the run is made from chicken wire - will I beable to adapt the superglug and grubs to fit on the wire??

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We have a enamel feeder that can be hung but I wanted to put one on the side of the run so that it is out of their way, otherwise it will hang in the middle.

We've tried elevating the drinker on slabs it but they still manage to get the bark in the water which then spoils the water :roll:


Also I think in handsight we made their run too narrow and so the drinker and feeder just get in the way!

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