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I have a lonely khaki campbell duck because her two friends were killed by the fox, in December and the other day. She is with the hens during the day but does not sleep in their coop. I think she is lonely and wants some duck company but we weren't wanting to get any more ducks.


Is this fair to her or will she need a friend of her own kind for those lonely nights? Can I get her a much smaller friend e.g. a call duck? Less mess than another large duck hopefully. Or will she get used to having hens as her sole company?


Thanks for any advice anyone can give.

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The ducks like to sleep a few inches from the fence and we found the duck upside-down jammed against the electric fence, when I picked her up she had two bite wounds so the fox must've grabbed her through the fence, then got a shock and run off (plus it wouldn't have been able to actually get her cos of the fence). I hope the shock made it jump and I hope it won't be back.


I am going to add a little inner fence to stop the duck(s?) getting so close to the fence.


£$%*& fox! I thought I had the set-up right to keep them safe. :(


Thanks for your sympathy Gloria :-)

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What a shame about your duck, poor thing :cry:

I hate foxes :evil:

We have loads here (which will be severly dealt with before I put any birds outside this year)

Some of my neighbours feed them which really winds me up.

A lot of kids near me have lost their rabbits and guinea pigs to the foxes which are encouraged to the area by people putting food out for them.

We have weelie bins for our rubbish which foxes can't get into, so we should not really be getting so many, but people keeping them well fed means they produce larger litters, now we are over run.


Thirteen years ago I had ducks running free in my garden, sometimes we would forget to lock them away at night but they would still be fine.

Now I can't risk letting them run free even during the daytime, even if I am outside with our duck I have to be on guard costantly, as a lady near me had her rabbit taken from right beside her :evil:

I have tried to explain to people near me that they are not doing the foxes any favours by feeding them but it's like banging your head against a brick wall, I don't bother being nice about it now, I just tell them that any fox caught in my garden will be shown no mercy so not to get too fond of the ones they are feeding :twisted:

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