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is it gettin close

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my omlet chooks which i have had for 2 and a half weeks now, are definately eatin more pellets. is this a possible sign they may be nearer to laying or just that they are more settled.

also i am going to put a bowl of grit in there, firstly what type of grit do i need and second do i keep regular supply in there or just put it in every so often.

i am sure i could find it out if had time to search other posts but short of time. thanks as always :)

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I've only had mine a week but I put some mixed grit I got from omlet in their pellets and scatter a handful in the run.


I have no idea if eating more pellets means they are about to lay but I've read that they crouch and the wattles and combs get bigger and turn red when they are in lay.

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Just thought as well, as you got your girls from omlet, as I did, they should have been about 16 weeks when they arrived and they don't usually start laying till they are about 21-22 weeks so depending on how old they were when you got them I guess the only way to tell will be the red combs and wattles and the crouching.


I'm a complete novice, it's just what I've read.

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They need mixed poultry grit, overeasy. You can get it from the Omlet shop very expensive or from smallholding, equestrian, farm type shops much cheaper.


It contains soluble and insoluble matter.


You can see identifiable bits if sea shell in it.


You can mix it with their pellets, but they will just reject it if they don't need it.


It is best to let them help them selves as and when.


You can get little pots to hang in the run,. I leave a plant pot full in their foraging ares, secured down with a tent peg, and the just help themselves.


Sometimes you can hear them tap tap tapping ans they stock up on it.

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I put mine in one of the "peanut" feeders that came with my secondhand eglu - once filled, it lasts my three bantams for weeks and weeks (they do free-range as well, so probably get a few small stones from the garden). A bag of grit from the local country store costs something like 75p a kilo and lasts me about a year (it's not like it goes off!).

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