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Verm X Versus Flubenet???

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Does anyone know just how effective Verm X against worms???? I have been using it but I don't know if it works or not? I don't think they have worms but one day I saw one of our ladies yawning and I know this can be a sign of gape worm - will Verm X take care of it if it is or do I need something stronger like Flubenet. If so, where do I get Flubenet from - I need a safe secure site as my hubbie is paranoid about buying off internet sites and Omlet do not sell it.


Many thanks.....

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I have always preferred Flubenvet over Verm-X...but it is just that...my preference.


Flubenvet is the recommended treatment for gapeworm, and will clear anything else out too.


You can get Flubenvet at **Domestic Fowl Trust**


I have bought several things there and have found it to be perfectly secure.


You have to be sure that the encryption etc at your end is OK though. :lol:

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When I was using Verm X I could still see tiny 'wrigglers' in some of their fresh poos. I've upped the Diatom I add to their feed and use Flubenvet every 3/4 months, and they've been clear for a few months now (frantically touches wood :roll: ).

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