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Introducing Mr. Azzie Aslan

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I have been posting on the Chicken forums for a while now, and just realised that I have never posted any pics on here of my lovely lionhead boy, Azzie. He is mostly white, with grey ears, mask and tail. He's an entire male and he's very hormonal at the moment so is confined to barracks, or allowed in the garden, when I'm there to supervise him. He's a lovely boy most of the year, just Spring sets him off on a spraying rampage. We think he's beautiful and love him to bits.


In this pic he's "moongazing"



and in this one - he's just been caught out digging up my plants, and trying to appear innocent


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hes gorgeous!! sooo cute.


I would want him indoors on my lap all the time if he was mine. Adorable :D


He is a house rabbit really, and most of the time, he "free-ranges" around the house. It's just at the moment, when the sap is rising, he has a tendancy to spray, so he's shut in for the majority of the time at the moment. We still let him out in the garden for an hour here and there to stretch his legs, and do what rabbits do. :wink:


Most of the time he is on our laps indoors! He is so soft and loves being stroked. Lots of tooth-purring. :D

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