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poos today are runny bit advice and a kick up bum

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ive found as the weather was bad the coop was awful to clean out :cry: the chickens poos prob mix of pellets as well, were very sloppy and i couldnt s"Ooops, word censored!"e it up was like a slop, so had to brush and wash all the flags down, there run is all flagged.

but why usually not that bad is it because ive fed them something they not agreed with they had cereal this morning what was left of the kids breakfast?? :roll: dreading tomorrow state if liek today them poor chickens i let them free range a soggy garden, so i could clean run i do it every day.

oh any advice as im really cross with myself and :cry: the chickens were in the muck. i let them have the run of coop as well last night as they wasnt for going to bed last night ive looked and one of the rhodes is bk out in the coop agai, had gone to bed but is it best i shut them up as weather is awful windy and raining. :cry::cry:

got another run coming tomorrow as well to make the one bigger i got the will have a bigger run will this help

yes tell me im soft

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Hi Debbie,


What bedding have you got on top of the flags? Hemcore/aubiose will soak up poo. Have you got a cover over the run to keep it dry?


I bought a rubber broom to get the poo off my patio and it is quite good, it's got a squeegy on one side so good for runny stuff too!



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Debbie, I think you really need something on the flags in their run (am I right you don't have anything inside the run?). They really need something to dig about in and also something to dustbathe in if they're not freeranging a lot. You can use a washing up bowl or a cat litter tray in their run.


You can use * hemcore * or * aubiose * - both more or less the same product, it just depends what suppliers near you stock. Both will absorb the poos.

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Sorry debbie....I can't quite fathom out what it is you are asking.


I'm guessing that


1. You hens are a bit squitty.




2. Yo are asking about covering the flags with bedding.


Bokashi Bran works wonders for sloppy poos. You can get it in the Omlet shop.


Aubiose is wonderful for absorbing poo in the run. A bale costs around £7 and lasts a good while. Sprinkle it a couple of inches deep. You will have to put a cover oner the top of the run to prevent the rain soaking it though. An old shower curtain will be fine.

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