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Adopting south west battery hens on tuesday

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The time has come -we are off on tuesday to adopt our battery hens. I have never had chickens before, have attended the omlet course and have gained a lot of information from the forum. Must admit to being very excited and a bit nervous.


To make it even more special its my birthday on tuesday, what a gift to have , knowing that five girls are going to be given a second chance of life. Will send some pics as soon as i can.


Thanks again everyone for your help. :)(cube orange)

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Make sure they have plenty of shelter and have somewhere warm to go. Also get some poultry spice and give them plenty of protein as it's hard work growing new feathers.


I personally haven't rescued hens, but it's something I'd like to do. Whereabouts are you rescuing them from?

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Tuna is fine. They love it as a rule. You can also give them scrambled egg(!) and organic cat food.


They may not be too bad in the feather dept. Some do come looking very "oven ready" but many don't.


I would be sure to get them a bag of Mixed Poultry Grit.


You can mix it with their mash, or leave some in a sturdy pot or clip on coop cup, for them to help themselves.


Good luck and Happy Birthday for Tuesday.

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