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Brand New chickens going barmy!!

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Any advice please!!

My Eglu arrived today. My Gingernut has taken to it like a second home, but the Pepperpot is behaving like she has mad cow disease....jumping in the air and falling over backwards if so much as a blackbird flies over, racing from one side of the Eglu to the other, but worst of all won't put herself to bed...the other one took herself off about 6.30.


Is this normal Pepperpot behaviour? Is this normal first day behaviour? And how am I supposed to get my Pepperpot inside!!!! :roll:

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It sounds to me as though one is more settled than the other. She is probably finding it all a bit strange and a bit scary, don't worry she will

settle down. Try shining a torch into the Eglu hopefully she will be attracted to the light and go in to investigate. If not, then I can only suggest a shoo in

with a long handled broom or similar. Good luck.



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we've had our gingernut ranger and 2 pepperpots for just over a week and they were exactly the same for the first few days, now they tuck themselves up in bed once the sun goes down. our gingernut seems by far the most settled but the other two are still quite wary of both of us. i'm sure they'll all come around in time!


i tried the torch trick and it works pretty well, it's less stressful than trying to pick them up (for them and you!).


good luck :)

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One of my Pepperpots (Flower) is a funny one - she insists on flying from the top of the ladder to the end of the run when she comes out of the cube in the morning. :lol: She's also the first one at the door when offered treats :roll: And when the door is open, she's trying to escape through any gaps she can find between my legs :shock:

As for getting into the Eglu, she's probably not seen the other one go in and is wondering where she got to :o It does help if there are a few of them as they are like sheep........ :eh:

Yes, other birds do tend to spook them :shock: but I'm sure they'll get used to them soon. :wink:

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Thanks for the replies, tried the torch and worked after a few minutes, so eventually in bed at 8.30!!! :shock:


I don't know how they are reared, but I am guessing they don't have a lot of exposure to open sky? :?


Hopefully tomorrow will go more smoothly - am trying to resist the temptation to sneak out and check they're both asleep :lol:


(Wonder if chickens dream?)

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Try placing a small torch actually inside the eglu through the eggport and then leave her to investigate. This worked really well for us when we first got our hens a few years ago. They seem to find the light comforting and move towards it ... then you can just reach in and take out the torch later, when they're all sleepy! Saves you having to hang around for ages, waiting for them to go to bed! :lol:


Lindsay x

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