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havin been new to chuck keepin and experiencing this bad weather i am considering having the cube on a permanent site. i have an area at the bottom of the garden which i dont mind too much if it gets trashed by moving it around. , but think if its sheltered better from the elements on one particular side, a permanent site is the answer. i have hemcore which i have not used yet in the run, but think this will just add to a boggy mess.

do you think a paved base with hemcore on top would be fine. are the chooks going to be happy on the harder ground?i suppose it would be easier to clean.and they will get to free range when possible.

or could the barked area be the way forward ?

not sure which way to go, would be really grateful to know what you all do and if its successful, cheers

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I now have my two eglus on a paving slab base with aubiose on top. They free range most days and are only confined to the runs for a few days per month.


As long as you have a decent shade covering the run, the hemcore/aubiose will stay dry.


I clean the run out once every 6-8 weeks but lifting up the eglu and moving it to one side, then s"Ooops, word censored!"ing out the aubiose with a spade. Quick squirt of disinfectant and a hose down, then top up with fresh stuff.


Doesn't take long and the girls love rootling around in it.




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