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Daisy's mum

2 eggs in 1 day???

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Hi there


I just wondered if a hen might lay 2 eggs in one day? :?:


Yesterday both Dave and Fifi laid an egg in the morning, between 7 and 9am, then, when I put them to bed around 6 there was another, huge egg in the nest, the biggest I've ever seen :shock:

This morning, between 7 and 9am another 2.

I wonder if maybe one of my girls could have laid 2 in 1 day :?:

Isabelle has not started laying yet, or has she? She has not done any crouching at all so far..........so I don't think it could be her????


I am really puzzled by this as I thought hens only laid one egg a day.

Anyone out there had this same thing happen to them :?::?

Julie x

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They can lay 2 in one day....one very early and one very late.....but is happens only now and then.


I have had 9 eggs from 8 hens three or four times......then the next day maybe only 6.


It could be Isabelle. They don't all crouch as you approach.....although most do. My Artemis Fowl doesn't.

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Thanks for that eglunteen :D

Come to think of it the 2 eggs this morning were brown and Fifi's eggs are creamy so maybe Isabelle has started laying and it was Fifi who laid the huge egg yesterday afternoon, what a clever girl!

I guess I will find out in the next few days.

Having 3 eggs a day is just marvelous!!!

Julie x

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