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El Jefe

How long has PP forum been off?

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Have just returned from a week long course to find that the Practical Poultry forum is off line - does anyone know how long its been off?


All very annoying! Especially as my eglu was delivered this week and I am considering getting two ex battery hens for it, I had made contact with a couple of people that resuce them in my area - however all their messages where saved in the Practical Poultry forum!!


But am very excited to see my Eglu :D Just need the chooks now




It has also been a very testing week not having internet access and having my fix of reading this forum :cry: Have just spent the last hour catching up!

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It was Wednesday .. as I went to check on a chooks post-mortem(had died of similar thing to Pepper). I then posted in the topic "Slow Forum" here, and Pm'ed a few to gloat. :wink: .


Shame it is down though ... as there is info on there re.sick hens etc that I wanted for us. :roll:


Some bad inuendo had been going on through the male members, which I had noticed was deleted by the moderators, and comments made to calm things down, and not be offensive. Obviously a few, decided to carry on the "tone" and have now ruined it for all others. :evil: .


Nice to be here though .... happy chooks. :P

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