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Adding photos to your posts

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Can I post Images?

Images can indeed be shown in your posts. However, there is no facility at present for uploading images directly to this board. Therefore you must link to an image stored on a publicly accessible web server. You cannot link to pictures stored on your own PC (unless it is a publicly accessible server) nor to images stored behind authentication mechanisms such as Hotmail or Yahoo mailboxes, password-protected sites, etc. To display the image use either the BBCode tag or appropriate HTML (if allowed).



Adding images using Photobucket

The only way to add photographs or pictures to your postings is to have them hosted somewhere else on the internet already. There are lots of photo hosting sites like http://www.photobucket.com where you can upload photos which can be used on forums. When you have a picture uploaded in one of these sites you'll see under the thumbnail picture that there are three boxes of codes. Highlight and copy the bottom one - the IMG code - then this can be pasted into your posting box when you are replying or starting a topic on the forum. The code you've copied will already have the brackets on either end so you don't need to add them when posting it.






Select "message board" at step 4 and your photos will be the right size for the forum.

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This may make the instructions easier to understand.


Thanks to Egluntine for a very good step by step set of instructions for Photobucket.


I always use Photobucket. Free to join.


Upload pictures to your PC then:


Step 1 Browse till you find the location of the picture. You can also upload from a web address.




Step 2 Upload. You can upload several at a time.




Step 3 Copy the Img code and paste it in your post.




Step 4


If the picture is very large, you can reduce its size by clicking on the Edit Image button and then on resize button



Step 5 Select a new size. I generally go for medium. Save. Copy and paste the new Img code.




I hope that helps. :D

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