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A programme about mass grave digging and birdflu?

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So this day hasn't been going so well and just got worse I had my mum on the phone and she is very stressed because she is visiting next week and I think she thinks she could end up with bird flu (really a sigh emoticon would be good )


I did try to point out that bird flu has only been found in scotland but she has a friend with 20 hens who has had hens dumped in her neighbours garden(live hens that presumably they thought she would give a home to I ask you!!) I also said that the only people who have died from bird flu have been sharing accomodation to which the response was' yes but you cuddle your chickens' (just like to add there that I don't, I have underlings and assistants to do that for me :oops: well I might when no ones looking :):) )


So to get to the point of this post she then said she'd heard about a programme showing mass graves being dug for the victims of birdflu because when it hits there wont be enough people to dig proper graves


At this point I discovered I had to go do something very important and/or that the phone had a flat battery because there is only so much anyone can take but has anyone seen this programme , like I say she's visiting next week and I need as many facts as possible , in fact on reflection given she's in Yorkshire maybe I should tell her she can't visit as she is much nearer the exclusion zone than we are :?::?: (I love my mum to bits but just sometimes well, sigh again)


Anyone feeling Murdo has been misbehaving can happily reflect on the fact that he has the mother in law for 10 days, that will sort him out


Actually probably means you'll see more of him than I do as he retreats into cyberspace :):) just let me know if he gets out of line please :!::!:

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I didn't see the programme, but there was a bit in the Times a few days ago about contingency plans for mass epidemics (including whatever they will call avain flu if and when it mutates into a human flu). These plans include the possibility of having to use mass graves, I think holding up to 15 bodies, but with each individual clearly identified from the surface of the ground when grave filled. I think the Govt also has contingency plans for nuclear bombs, asteroid strikes etc, but presumably your mum isn't worried about those.


It was confirmed today that the strain of AI in the Fife swan is the same as in Germany, which is not the same as the strain that has spread to a tiny number of humans over 6 years in Asia. There are tiny differences in the virus, although both are H5N1, and the European one is even less likely to be picked up by a human.


I can only wish you all the best with your mum's visit and trust Murdo will do his duty re entertaining her.


ps you could remind her that, unlike wild birds, pigeons etc, hens show symptoms of flu immediately they catch it, so it is easy to tell if a hen has AI, so it is perfectly safe to cuddle a hen that is fit and well. Hens die within 2 days of first catching the virus, so are a good marker for disease presence in an area.

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Hens die within 2 days of first catching the virus, so are a good marker for disease presence in an area.


so really every home should have some :D:D


thanks motherhen , shall point my mum in your direction next time she goes off, just have to say though you are underestimating her if you don't think she worries about nuclear bombs and asteroid strikes :):)

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