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Fish Blood and bone

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I've just bought some FB&B for the grass (we live in a wooded area and before I re-seed for the summer, I usually 'inject' some life into the lawn. Our chicks have a separate area for themselves, but we occasionally let them onto the main garden (where they cause havoc!).


My question is how long I should wait before allowing Betty and Barb back onto the grass (after spreading the FB&B)?


The package says do not use where cattle, sheep and deer have access...



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The reason it shouldnt be used on soil where cattle graze is because the ingredients of fish,bone & blood often come from countries where cattle carry various infections and it then introduces these diseases into our food chain.Washing your hands after use is absolutely vital.


Not sure if poultry could catch anything from contaminted cattle or by products,but i personally wouldnt want to eat any eggs laid by chooks in this area.

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