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Help on chicken grit please

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Hooray, 3 girls arrived today, holly chutney and eglina,seem happy enough, or would be if fizzy the ginger tom would get off the top of the run!!!


Only question at moment is that I bought oyster grit unknowingly and was advised today that they shouldn't have it till they are one, I now have the correct grit but don't know if it would harm the chooks if i mix the oyster grit in with 20kg of pellets just to get rid off it, I thought it was supposed to be good for their shells? hope someone can help... :?

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I have a bag of just Oyster Shell but I bought it a bit too big and the girls leave it. So I have to smash it a bit more. Generally though I use mixed grit (with bits of shell in already). Plus I bake their egg shells in the oven for 5 mins, crush them and add that to the grit.

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I found with mixed grit they were eating far more sheel than stone grit, so have added extra shell grit, because obviously they want that in a higher proportion - mixed grit is stone grit (used like teeth) and shell (used to make shells). You can buy mixed or indidvidually - I have never heard about being 1 before having shell grit.



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