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Aviary / run panels in Scotland

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Anyone know where I can get some aviary panels in Scotland (Aberdeenshire pref), so I can build me a fancy new run like Noodle's? :D

I can collect or pay delivery, but the place Noodle got hers from seems quite reasonable, but too far away to deliver!

I want to make it about the same size too (sorry for copying :oops: but imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!)

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Thanks Chelsea and SusanK. :D

Chelsea, which garden centre was it? A big chain or small company?

Susan K, I have emailed the place you sent the link for and will let you know what he says. I don't need the housing, and I'm looking for about 9ftx9ft.

Preferably in panels so the OH can knock it together, as he is kicking up a stink about me not being supportive of his "chicken-run-building-talents!" :lol:

Alternatively, if anyone knows where ther's a free / cheap greenhouse going that I can convert...... :oops:

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I have a flightsofancy run and house, and the house is great but the run I thought was expensive - fortunately (for me) they delivered 2 runs by mistake, phoned before it was delivered and asked us if we wanted it to tell the driver and take it for free.... which made for once nice big run and great service.

Have you thought about making it yourself? I'd imagine that the timber you could get easily enough (pressure treated) and the mesh panels (not chicken wire, it's too easily damaged by Mr Fox) and with a bit of DIY skills you could knock something up. Failing that, you could find someone to do it for you - it wouldn't be a huge job and wouldn't need proper joinery skills, so am sure they'd not charge you that much.

I think it'd be the cheapest way to get exactly what you wanted, particularly given delivery charges.

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