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henny penny

Rhode island reds and sussexes (silver and light)

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I have 7 week old Light Sussex chicks just now and they are huge and friendly. My Buff Sussex are fully grown and just the same - huge, good layers and follow me around the garden like a dog at heel :D


I have a Rhode Island Red/Light Sussex cross (same as Omlet's Gingernut Ranger), and again, very friendly and has laid every day since she started a few weeks ago.


(Mine are all home hatched though so tend to be very tame).

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I have a Rhode Island Red and a Light Sussex.

The light sussex is probably the most shy of my 6 chooks, but she is one of the 3 who isn't laying yet, so that may change. She is very docile - bottom of the pecking order, a very sweet natured and plump looking chook - the biggest of my 6.

The RIR is not laying yet, but is crouching and has got alot tamer since she started. She is the nosiest of the 6, seems to think that the kitchen is part of her free ranging space- is the first in if I leave the door open and if I turf her out, stands on the doorstep complaining loudly and 'knocking' to come back in! :lol:

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