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henny penny

English marans and blue birds -help me chose?

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I had 2 Marans and loved them to bits. They are sooooooo friendly and mine followed me everywhere, talked to me and were really good company. I also had a bluebelle (is that similar to a blue bird ?) who was lovely but I could never get near her because she was really jumpy even though I tried to stroke her at night she didn't like it.


The pic under my name is of one of my Marans. I think i've deleted most of the pics but i'll have a look for you.


Just found the pic which is under my name.....






I thought I had a pic of my bluebelle but it looks like I haven't. I am due to pick one up in the next week or so, so i'll post a pic then.


I would HIGHLY recommend getting an English Maran, they are beautiful chickens :oops::D

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