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2nd egg?

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Collected my eggs as normal this lunchtime, one from Minnie and one from Pearl/Betty. I can't tell their eggs apart, they are both gingernuts and their eggs are so alike that I only know they've both laid on days I get 3! I assume they are laying alternate days?

Anyway, I went out later and checked again on the off chance that Pearl/Betty had laid and I found a tiny egg! :lol: Judging by the colour it's Minnie's and it's half the weight of her normal egg! Is this usual? Bless her cotton socks laying twice in one day. She's putting the other two to shame! Will I still get an egg from her tomorrow or has it come early? :?



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Hi ya,


You may find that Minnie has a day off tomorrow or lays later in the day. Ours tend to have a day off in the week, though lately a bit too many days off :? It's difficult to tell whose laid what when they both lay same eggs eh. They like to keep us guessing!

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