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2 soft shelled eggs this morning

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Hi, I found two soft shelled eggs in the droppings tray this morning. I'm sure it was Bella as she was acting strangely last night. (Didn't go into the run to go into the Eglu for the night, and I had to go and find her.) I've changed the set up of their run and put down some Megazorb (horse bedding). I'm sure they don't like it. They wouldn't come out of the Eglu this morning and I had to give them a little push.

I'm at work all day now and worried.

What if they just eat Megazorb? Will it choke them? Will it block their crop? They have pellets and grit

Update: They were fine when I got in. As anticipated there was an egg from Dolce but none from Bella. Bella really doesn't seem to like the Megazorb. I think it's quite upset her. Hopefully she will get used to it.

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They can be such stick-in-the-muds sometimes - my Wyandotte hates it if anything disturbs her normal routine :roll: She's also laying thin-shelled eggs a lot, despite having access to a mixture of mixed grit, eggshells and bran, so I think it's the limestone flour for her!

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I'm not familiar with Megazorb. Not sure if anyone else on this forum uses it and can give you any info on if their chooks eat it or not. I googled it and it says it's made from dried and sterilized wood fibre pulp.


I use Aubiose (another horse bedding product and just happens to be the one my local shop sells) which my chooks sometimes try and eat if they kick it in their treats bowl but otherwise they just enjoy kicking it about. It's made from hemp.

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I have also found two soft shelled eggs in the droppings tray this morning :roll: . Not sure which hen it is. Strange really as yesterday we had 5 eggs and we only have 4 hens!!!! :o


They have access to grit, free range alot and seem to eat their pellets as well as lots of treats.


Where do I get Limestone Flour from and how should I give it to them :?:


Thanking in advance,



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Eyren - you are probably right, the change to her routine has thrown her. She is a nervous little chicken. A bit dotty, but I love her.


Henwatch - they don't seem to be eating the Megazorb. I really wish I'd ordered Aubiose instead of going with what my local shop had.


Christian - Limestone Flour is going on my "List of more things to buy for the chickens"! I'm going to have to clear a big space in the garage for all their stuff!


Koo2cat - I believe your "local country store" (horse tack shop or similar) should stock it. Robinsons sell 1 Kilo for £1.75 but plus £4.95 for delivery!

You mix it in with their pellets. You can add a little olive oil to make it stick to the pellets I think.


All - After a day resting, Bella is back laying again. I did spoil her a bit after I found the 2 soft eggs. She got sweetcorn, porridge and mixed corn while she was free ranging last night, and I paid her(and dolce) lots of attention too. I think they quite like me to be around for company whilst they are in the garden.

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