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Martin B

Bird Flu confusion

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Interesting thing I noticed when reading the fine print on the DEFRA website (sad or what :oops: ) is that it specifically mentions commercial flocks of over and under 50 birds. The word 'commercial keeps cropping up.


This may mean that even flocks of over 50 birds are not required to register or follow DEFRA guidelines - or it may not :? Or it might just mean that DEFRA don't think there are any non-commercial flocks of under 50, or it could just be a typo or silly mistake (quite possible with DEFRA)


Basically small numbers of back garden hens will play no part in the spread of AI between birds or between people, other than as an early warning system, if wild birds can get in very close contact with them, that there is AI in the locality.


Anyway Martin, as has already been said - you don't need to register your future flock :D:D

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