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Hi all, :)


All this talk of auboise is making me hungry :P Just finished reading all the posts on this wonder stuff and it sounds brilliant, so we've started looking for a stockist here in Holland (Hemp, here? In Holland? No!!! :lol:) And guess what, there is one! So when we next clean out, we'll be jumping ship..! Less flies and less smell has got to be good. Now all we need is the agri lime... :wink:




Derren & Rachel

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A problem I have had this summer is DUST......the girls are on earth covered with bark, & as the run is covered it doesn't get any rain on it.

I have washed it all down a few times,but with it being so hot it just dries up again really quickly.


I guess Aubiose would be a bit less dusty for them.

Anyone got any experience of it being used in a larger covered run?

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Yes, we are quite "crumbly" here, not helped by the dry spell.

But the good thing is that its perfect for a dust bath :D


I think that they have been dust bathing more than usual lately,to keep cool, which is why the bark has got so very dusty.

It certainly gets kicked about - even the Eglu has a fine coating of dust, & that is up at waist height :roll:

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