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So, anyone used this site? www.gooshing.co.uk Here is what is says:


"You can make a real difference by using GOOSHING - the free ethical shopping tool from The Good Shopping Guide.


GOOSHING makes it easy to buy brands from the most responsible companies at the cheapest price… and boycott those corporates that don’t care about animal welfare, human rights or the environment..


Our price search finds you the lowest prices available - on 250,000 products from over 350 shops.


Saving you Money. Helping your World."


I didn't want to post it on the ethical bit until I know a it more about it......

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PurpleHen, I just added a link to your text to make it even easier for people to have a look.


Thank you very much for posting this. I have been saying for some time now, regarding ethical traders, that it would be useful to know which companies NOT to support, i.e. those which trade unfairly. Whilst this site doesn't actually do that, it has done a lot of research into which shops, big and small, deserve our trade. :)

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Thank you Ginette.

It is actually from a book, "The Good Shopping Guide" which GRD recommended a while a go - I think it was on the Fairtrade thread.

The book is a good reference, so I expect the site will be too. As we're about to move house - it's nice to know where we can go to support the most ethical companies for everything from energy providers and insurance, to a new cooker.


And the book does give you who to avoid, but as it's printed will go out of date quite quickly I expect (dated 2005).

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