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History lesson/Pecking Order.

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Well, today, May 22nd, is the 550th anniversary of the 1st Battle of St.Albans. War of the Roses, Richard Duke of York challenging supporters of weak Henry V1 Lancastrian line. A street battle really but many dead including Duke of Somerset, and start of 50 years further conflict.


Off to watch re-enactment, just hope town isn't looted afterwards, as before. The local paper suggests choosing which side to support...good idea, if you already know who wins! :wink:


I hate violence, but think we should learn from history. :roll:

The real 1st Battle in St.Albans is the weather, my son had whole market stall/stock flooded yesterday. Not sure how authentic today will be with a mass of umbrellas! :wink:

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It was great fun! Brilliant commentary, very good history lesson! Also, mediaeval market with children's activities, plants, food and....I somehow came back with 2 bottles of English wine, one organic, from Carter's Vineyards near Colchester. Anyone else tried them? Delicious samples, saving the bottles (not long). Cheers!

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I've tried both English and Welsh wnes before and they were both excellent. We have a vineyard just up the road which is possibly the most northern, so he claims, but you can never get the wine as he sells it to local resturants mainly . I think they have to work so hard to get good grapes in this country that they really look after their wines.

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We bought some wine on the Isle of Wight - Barton Manor, I believe - and it was delicious (need a slurping emoticon :wink: ). Hope you enjoy yours Sheila :D .


Kate, that was the 1st English wine that we tried, way back in holidays spent there in about 1988/9! It was so good that we bought a case! The other vineyard we've been to was near St.Austell.

Another research project to embark on here, including Yorkshire,Trish!

I absolutely refuse to buy Australian & other New world wines when it travels so far & we have such good European wines.

Thought you'd spot the wine disguised as history topic Sarah, don't worry, I've saved you some to celebrate being a Chatty Chicken!

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Oh yes, thanks Lesley, I knew there was another I've been meaning to try.

For OH in this case though, I can't drink red at the mo, one sip (yes, one sip :wink: ) makes me ill, yet I used to be fine. :?

I think its hormonal or enzyme-ish, & hope its temporary! :D

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