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Thankyou for guidance

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Dear Lesley,


Thankyou for your welcome and for pointing me towards the Nesting Box. I will fill out the questionaire for the nosy parkers amongst us, and so I can be equally as nosey too and read yours.


I can't tell you how eggcited I am about our chickens. I am hoping they will soon develop personalities and get to know my husband and me very soon.


We have just caught up with modern technology and bought ourselves a digital camera, so I will try to post some piccies in the gallery too of myself with Thelma and Louise - our chickens, once I have mastered the art of giving them a cuddle.





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Thank You for that Gina - the 'pioneers' on here had to learn the hard way :lol: I knew absolutely nothing about forums when this started - it was a very steep learning curve :?


Have fun with the Questionnaire :lol::lol: There is also a topic called 'Age' because I am really nosey but some people don't fill these things in and some don't provide 'mugshot' photos - do they Jane Motherhen??? :roll:

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Is there a need to worry that my chickens are pecking at each other?

They've only been in the Eglu for a day. I have given them some bits to play with (!) to distract them from each other.


I've also noticed that the Gingernut Ranger is also quite aggresive when it comes to food. I have managed to get them to eat out of my hand, but the Gingernut seems only interested in what Miss Pepperpot has got and drops her own food for Miss Pepperpots instead.


I'm sure I am worrying for nothing and things will calm down once they are settled in and used to each other. I'll be really upset if they turn out to be hard knock chickens. I want to be able to pick them up and cuddle them and not have my fingers pecked off!


Can anyone put my worrying mind at rest please?



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Hello Gina,


Don't worry about them pecking each other or fighting over food. It's just a passing phase as they get used to each other and their new surroundings. Give it about a week and once one of them is elected head hen and the other bows down to her, all will be peace and tranquility and they'll be eating out of your hand and providing you with the most delicious eggs on the planet in no time!


Welcome to the forum and happy chicken keeping!

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