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Nicola O

Chooks LOVE radish leaves - how about yours?

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I discovered last night whilst pulling some of my radishes for todays lunch that the chooks love the leaves.


It's not something i would have thought to give them as it's not the 'normal' part of the veg. A couple of leaves fell on the grass and Edna tasted them, and then grabbed them and legged it off down the garden with the other two in hot pursuit. After having histerics for a couple of minutes I broke off all the leaves for them and they calmed down and tucked in to them. :lol:


If only I had a video camera ! You could make a fortune on 'You've Been Framed' and the 'Funniest Animals' video clip shows :!::!:



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:oops::oops::oops: I forgot to plant my radishes. I got a packet and put them to one side, now where the heck did I put them :? I wonder if it's too late to plant them out now, but then the leaves will grow fast I'm sure, even if I'm too late to get a real radish crop, so I could experiment with them :D

Thanks for the reminder :wink:

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Mine ate turnip leaves when I pulled mine out (destined for the compost as they hadn't thrived). I would have eaten them if they hadn't been slug munched!


We don't grow radishes but I'm currently growing some rocket which I think they might like and which may grow quickly enough to keep up with them!


So far this year they've mostly been eating the leaf beet and spinach plants which had overwinterd and bolted in spring. They don't seem to mind the flower shoots :)

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