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The best book about realistic self sufficiency!

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When we went to the Eden Project last month, Ian bought a book, for no other reason than that he liked the title.


21st Century Smallholder, by Paul Waddington.

Published by Eden Project Books, ISBN 190391969X


try this website: www.booksattransworld.co.uk/eden


Its really cool, looks at everything, from gardening, to bees, chickens (yay!!), piggies, to streamlining water usage, how to become more eco-friendly and trying to be 'waste-neutral'.


I have just finished reading it cover to cover and its full of handy hints and tips, from growing plants in containers on the windowsill to having a big garden to 'play' with.


Recommended reading.

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We went the year it opened, and loved it :D


Someone recommended visiting the dry dome first then the humid one as the dry seemed a little sp"Ooops, word censored!" if done second :? but it's all grown since then anyway.


Good day out, :D


karen x

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