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American Eglu

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Louise, I'm impressed you are so observant :):)

It's great to see Eglu's reaching the USA, I think someone posted an American advert for them some while back, and I had been wondering if they'd taken off over there.

Welcome Frances, I hope you get a lot of pleasure from your Eglu and chickens, as well as friendship and information from the forum. Although I'm now set to wondering what our American friends will make of the British as represented by the forum posts :? .

Mad I should think :):):):oops::roll::)

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Well spotted Louise and welcome Frances.

Please don't be put off by us and do post on the forum. We'd love to know how you got your eglu and what hens you have and..... well we are a really nosy lot :oops:


I had several Americans contact me when I started the citychicken website, before the omlet forum got going. There was a lot of interest in the eglu but at the time the omlet guys thought they would have to ship over 50 to keep costs reasonable. I'm very pleased you have got round that. May you be the first of many eglu owners in the USA :D

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