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I know cannycat. I never thought about it much before getting the chickens, but now only buy free range, preferably local, and have gone down that route as much as possible for pork, beef and lamb too.


Now we eat less meat, often cheaper cuts, but it tastes better and I have become more imaginative in how to cook it.


Some of my friends think I'm crazy, but I don't care. I would have topped myself years ago if I worried what my 'friends' thought about me over the years. 8)

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My Mum's great for animal welfare-


She only bought free range eggs(till we got the hens), and she only buys free-range meat.


We got a "happy chicken" from Morrisons last week. I forget the particulars, but recall them mentioning on the label that the chickens had toys and lots of space :lol: Far more humane than a battery-farmed chicken, even if it is a total gimmick!

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