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trying to fly away to roost

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My little brood of bantams (2!) have decided it is great fun, come 8:30pm, to try and fly out of their enclosure and roost somewhere else but their ark for the night.


I went up on friday evening to find one of my chooks in a blind panic as the other had dissapeared somewhere in the garden, where she stayed until saturday morning (I thought someone had stolen her, there was no sign... talk about panic!) since, they BOTH think its great fun to fly up onto the wire keeping them in, jump onto the poor acer bush and dissapear in the garden!


I have dusted the ark today for red mites, incase that is why they dont seem to want to go in, but apart from putting a "lidded" cage on them, (they currently have a fenced off section of grass with chicken wire and plastic electric fencing posts) I seem to be at a loss of what to do.




I have been going up at the same time each night since saturday and making sure they go in the ark (which they do, themselves, happily!) and locking them up for the night, to try and re-establish a routine, which will have to continue, obviously, but does anyone have any other suggestions?!

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