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Our new purple eglu arrived yesterday. The only worry I have is that the door on the actual eglu not the run does not shut as securely as I had expected. I rang Omlet and they explained that it is not designed to close completely to allow a little air to get in which is understandable. Has anyone had any problems with the door or please feel free to tell me I'm being paranoid!

We always locked our guinea pigs into the house of their old chicken ark at night so we assumed we just do the same with the eglu. Our neighbours forgot to lock theirs into the shed the night before and a ferret got in and killed a giunea - pig and a chicken and badly injured other ducks and chickens.

Thanks very much for any advice! AND just to say the guinea pigs seem to love their new home!

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I think even a ferret would be hard pushed to squeeze through the tiny gap - as long as you push the handle down to lock the door in place, I'm sure it'll be fine!


If you're nervous about small predators getting into the run, I believe some people put a layer of chicken wire in the floor of the run.

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Thanks so much - thats very reassuring!

I think I'm just being a worrier after the other night being up at 4 in the morning to save some of our neighbours chooks! It was bad enough the ferret got one chicken and a guinea pig before we got to them.

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