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Chicken wire - where do I get some?

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Hi all, we've got a big garden and its bounded by a large and long fence, in various states of disrepair (don't get on with one of the neighbours and they won't look after their rotten fence, so it'll be no-one's fault but their own if our chickens mucky their York Stone patio lol) But there are problems, especially as the bottom bit is ranch-style fencing. We get hedgehogs and pheasants through on occasion, so we will have to leave at least a space for the hogs, as they eat the slugs at night, good little hedgepigs.


Having just got our Eglu (pink, anyone else that brave?) we hope for chickens this weekend, and the morngy neighbours are on their hols, so we'll have 10 days to find all the problem areas.


I need some chickenwire. We're going to clip wings, and most of the fence is four foot or over, but there are potential problems, one is full of holes big enough for a cat to get through. I live in Darlington, Co Durham, and although I'm an inverterate shopper, have never seen the stuff for sale anywhere, so where do I go for plain old chickenwire?


Silly question?



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All the DIY shops seem to stock it down here, I can't imagine it'll be much different in your neck of the woods. That said I discovered Wilkinsons selling it in their gardening section at approximately two thirds of the price that I'd already paid at B&Q. I took my B&Q purchases straight back for a refund :wink:

Love the idea of a pink eglu, so much braver than my boring green!

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It may be worth doubling up the chicken wire as it isn't fox proof. Therefore maybe not squirrel proof. So it could be gnawed through and then your mingy neighbours will have something to complain about again!


Our neighbours are bemused by our chickens, but very happy with them. One is from rural Northern Turkey and it reminds her of home. The other is from rural Ireland and she thinks we're mad; she came to her urban life to get away from all that nonsense!


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