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Sexing Cream Legbar Chicks.

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Thanks for that Egluntine - I was going to go off to Practical Poultry to see if there was anything on Cream Legbars and it was on here instead.


When I looked further at that site, I found it belongs to the person who sold us the ducks and the Cream Legbar cockerels! :shock: - one of which is the father of our little chicks! :D Small world.

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When we went to pick up the ducks and one cockerel, the breeder asked if we had room to take the spare cockerels as they are difficult to sell and she has no room/neighbours won't want cockerels crowing. We took all 8 and kept just 2.


The other 6 were not what you'd class as a dual purpose bird - not much meat on them but a reasonable meal for 4 at 18 weeks. The flavour was excellent though.


I noticed today on the Legbars of Broadway site that they are selling Cream Legbar cockerels for £45 :shock: Our Cream Legbar hen came from there and cost £25 - hens are now £35 :shock: Perhaps I should have tried selling the cockerels before eating them :?

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