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I planted some first early seed potatoes in an old plastic bin, and they have been doing really well lots of poo soup and water.......Last night Emily stuck her hand in the tub and pulled out a lovely potato they appear to be ready.........It is the first time I have grown them in a container and was not sure they would work but they look and taste great, and there seems to be plenty of them...... :D


Is it best that I leave them in the container and just pick them as needed or unearth the lot and store them......Just wondered what other people do. Any advice would be gratefully recieved.

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We've been eating our new potatoes for a couple of weeks now. They were a bit small at first and we put the plant back in the soil to see if the very tiny ones would grow - they appear to be.


First earlies are no good for keeping so Kate was right to say just pull out what you need and keep eating them. :D

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We have just eaten some more for dinner and they really are good I will be growing some more next year, I left the small ones in the tub but used the larger ones.

I have the potatoes I got free from GYO mag in another tub and hopefully they should be ready when we have used up the first earlies..........They are so easy to get out of the tub because the compost is softer than our clay soil...........

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