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Help - They Tip Out All The Layers Pelletts

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We have been refilling the grub peanut with layers pellets but they seem to just peck the whole lot out onto the floor of the run. We thought that maybe they would eat them from the ground. They are usually out to free range every afternoon for several hours.


Tonight I picked up each of the girls and only Matilda had a full crop - both Maisie and Penny were quite flat.


I don't know what we are doing wrong - Matilda is the only one laying.


What should we do? Should we refill the peanut each night even though they just throw the pellets out?


Any advice would be very much appreciated. :?

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Mine did that (not with grubs, with normal feeders) and were not really eating the pellets once they were tipped out. I bought some mash last week and they are eating that like no tomorrow and not tipping it out (well, freck got ontop of the feeder today and tipped the hopper off!... talk about embarassed chicken!)


What were they fed on before they came to you?

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my husband and I have just been saying this evening that our chooks don't seem to like their layers pellets at all.

They rarely go near them and if forced to (if we leave them in their run where there's no alternative food) they literally only take a few mouthfuls.


The other day I checked their intake by weighing the pellets before putting them in the grub in the morning, then I weighed the remainder after the girls had gone to roost. I didn't let them free range that day and they had no treats so I hoped to find that they'd consumed at least 240gms between them.


unfortunately, they had consumed less than 80gms between them :shock:

I managed to get a handful into them today by mashing it into cooked potato skins along with oyster shells and greens. They've also had mixed corn and whatever else they got by foraging. I think I will ring omlet in the morning if I get time and see what the chooks eat there cos they really can't stand the pellets.


make sure you sweep up the ones on the ground though cos rats adore them.



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Thank you for the advice.


Our chooks came from Omlet and the pellets came with them - so I guess they were eating them before.


We have been keeping them in the run each morning in the hope they would eat the pellets as there is nothing else for them.


We are going to make a mash with potatoes and soaked pellets (and maybe add a few spoons of sweetcorn). Hopefully they will eat that as we don't have any layers mash to give them and are worried that they are starving hungry. They absolutely race towards us whenever they see us coming and go berserk for the treats we give them. We initially thought that maybe they were just holding out for more treats but now we're not so sure. :?

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:? When I first got mine they didn't touch the stuff, after the five days I'd let them out and they stil weren't really eating but as i've heard, they will eat anything rather than starve. :shock: I have to admit...mine prefer eating out of my hand to any kind of feeder. :oops: I also sent a request to omlet for them to designe an external feeder/drinker so the chooks didn't have to trek all the way home :P (the garden is about an acre) But rest assured they just love 'em now :lol: Mine sometimes seem to prefer to knock the pellets out of the grub then eat them off the ground so maybe mine are just weird :)
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