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Extra space ideas?

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:cry: Sadly lost our little Rust (Gingernut Ranger) whilst on holiday recently - think she may have succumbed to the incredibly hot weather. :(


:) However, we have added a Golden Partridge Wyandotte (Doris) and a Light Sussex Bantam (Elisa) to our Miss Pepperpot (Pepper) and, following the initial "top dog" squabbles, we think we're nearly there.


All our chooks free range during daylight and although the newbies know where bed is already, we were able to round up the others and put them in the Eglu if we needed to go out for the evening and didn't anticipate being back until after dark - not so easy with the new ones. So we're thinking about constructing some kind of area which will contain the Eglu - so that they're able to go to bed when they want - but where we can let them out into on the morning we know we'll be out in the evening (hope this makes sense?), but where they won't be as restricted as just having the Eglu run.


Does anyone else have this sort of set-up? Any ideas and / or pictures greatly appreciated.


P.S. Pepper has taken to roosting next to the dishwasher in the corner of our kitchen - presumably to keep out of the way of the youngsters! Funnily enough, during the day she's a very highly strung chicken; when sleepy, she's adorable and cuddly, so I'm enjoying picking her up, cuddling and replacing her in the Eglu! :wink:

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