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Today I picked.......

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This afternoon I told Lauren and Jake that they had to go on an expedition .............for their dinner! They could have whatever they wanted but they had to pick it, dig it or collect it from the garden!


They started with eggs

then dug up potatoes

picked cabbage - and gave some to the chickens!

cut two artichokes

pulled rhubarb

picked peas.....

broad beans....



and redcurrants.

I added home-made tarragon mayonnaise and elderflower cordial...


...but no roast chicken!

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I really can't compete with Lesley, all her fruit & veg sound fantastic, but I was really proud of myself yesterday. Made a summer fruit pavlova, with strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants & tayberries, all from my own garden, with, of course, meringue from our very own egg whites. I only had to use shop-bought sugar & cream.

The children loved it, came back for seconds & thirds :roll: .

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Times like that you wish you had a Jersey cow don't you?! :D I love Pavlova 8)


We started in a small way Kate A - like Topsy, it just grew :? (and I have just spent a day and a half weeding :( )


Lauren and Jake had the last of the overwintered broad beans tonight. We podded them in the garden and we all ate the big, old, chewy ones raw. I cooked all the tiny ones for them to go with their dinner and they said they were 'Yuk' :?:roll:

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I've got my very faddy nephew coming over for the day on saturday- he's famous for not ever eating any vegetables, minimal fruit and refusing anything that's not overprocessed with an array of E numbers. MIL complains about him, but gives him what he wants, I won't so he rarely visits us and never at meal times. But this saturday parents want freeing up and I'm the only one around to help out. So I'm thinking of trying the today we picked thing. I've got loads of fruits, some lovely little peas just coming ripe, some baby courgettes, lettuce of several varieties, spinach potatoes and of course eggs. I reckon I've got the makings of a pretty delicious spanish omelette there. I wonder if getting him involved with picking and preparing the ingredients will work. :?

I simply can't bring myself to buy chicken nuggetts :shock:

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Kate, even easier than that.


Take some chicken breasts or turkey breasts. Cut them into nugget sized cubes, dip in melted butter and dip again in seasoned breadcrumbs - I make my own version of Season All and use that to flavour the breadcrumbs. Bake on an baking sheet in a preheated oven at 200C for 25 minutes. Simple :wink: !

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Thanks for that Kate, those nuggetts look very easy, and I've got some lovely free range chicken breasts nesting in my fridge. I'll give the little chap the choice when he arrives (apparently he's very excited- not met the chickens to date, just hope he's not expecting little fluffy yellow things, so we're leaving the eggs for him to collect today). Then he can help me choose & prepare lunch :wink:

I'll let him do the washing up too, I considered saving it for you along with everyone else, but every time I see you you're washing away :lol::lol:

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10. His mum died when he was 5 (hubby's sister, only 40 & hugely unexpected, sub-arachnoid haemorrhage out of the blue). He's a nice lad, but always seems quite quiet and reserved to me. Also, he's always pristine (my son always looks like he's just got off a football pitch- usually he has!), doesn't argue, does his homework and goes to bed when he's told. Mine don't do either without negotiations and delaying tactics first. Food is his only sticking point, and again I think it's habit, what's easy, known and safe.


Bit off the today we picked thread though now, although we definitely are doing some picking today, just not decided what yet :oops:

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:( Sad to hear that the kid has had a rough start ... my BIL died on xmas day (just last year) and has left a 3 yr old boy, who is also very cautious, and extremely not like a typical "boy" ... my 3yr old is a nutter in comparison. Hope it all goes well today ... best to try and stay relaxed, and with the flow , then I am sure he will get into it.


Try and have fun ... you never know, might be a perfect day :D

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