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Looking to expand your flock?

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We have just added to our Omlet hybrids with a beautiful Cukoo Maran. We live in Farnham, Surrey and we were hugely impressed by the advice and time given to us by Simon Bates who runs a business called The Garden Hen, in Windsor.


The Garden Hen

contact Simon Bates 07854 188 724



You'd be hard pushed to meet a nicer bloke and he gives you all the practical down to earth advice you could ask for without any sales pitch.


Worth a call, if you are looking to expand your flock. He has a wide variety of breeds, as you will see from his website.

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I'm a Marans fan - banties in my case! I hatched eggs from two different sources this year so I can breed my own next year. I think they are really attractive chickens with a lovely nature and they lay gorgeous dark brown eggs :)


Out of the nine eggs that hatched, only two are girls which was a bit disappointing. Still, I do have two un-related breeding pairs which isn't that bad!


Of the remaining cockerals, one is living with my sister in law and the other four are currently enjoying life in the back garden ..... they will end up in the oven later this year, but my aim is to make their six months or so on this earth very happy and healthy!


Hope you enjoy your Cuckoo Marans too (not in the dinner sense though :shock: )!!

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