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BOOK - Sloe Gin & Beeswax

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My Mum bought me this book a few years ago,but I have only just got around to reading it :oops:


"Sloe Gin & Beeswax" by Jane Newdick is wonderful.

It is subtitled "seasonal redipes & hints from traditional household storerooms" & is sectioned by season.

So today I have looked in the late summer section to see what I can be making with seasonal produce,or picking from the trees.

It recommends Mariglod petal cheese,spiced melon pickle,Pot Pourris & Mustards.


There are also recipes for face lotions,teas,beeswax wood polish,crystalised fruits & Eau De Cologne.


I think it will be a book that a lot of you on here will really enjoy :P

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I tried to buy it a little while ago, and placed an order with Amazon. They accepted the order, then kept me waiting about 2 months before cancelling the order with the explanation that it was now out of print and u"Ooops, word censored!"tainable (by them at least). I was really disappointed at the time because I'd heard a lot about the book (probably comments and recipes posted by SuperKate :wink: ) and I was quite keen to have a read of it myself.

That said I just took Amazon's word for the out of print thing and never pursued it any further.

Now you've gone and reminded me I might enquire at a booksellers and see if it is available any longer... or not.

Otherwise it'll be keeping an eye out in 2nd hand book shops and the like :wink:

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