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Funny coloured droppings

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Probably just being paranoid seeing as the hens have only been with us a week or so. I have 2 peppers and one ginger and the droppings from the ginger are different from the peppers. The peppers are green with some white in them and look quite firm which look from my limited experience quite healthy. Whereas the gingers look like dollops of mustard and look like they have a wet frothy texture. She has being doing this type of dropping ever since she arrived. She seems quite perky and bright eyed and seems to be eating OK.


They are only being fed layers pellets and any grass that they nibble up - no treats until i know what is natural. Can anyone tell me if i should be doing anything or are there other signs that i should be looking for if something is wrong.


I guess these next few weeks are going to be a steep learning curve and i am worried that there is something i'm doing wrong although i think i have followed Omlets instructions. If you need any more info then let me know.


Hope this isn't replicating someone elses previous post.


Thanks for any info you can give Chris

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Hi Chris. Chickens can produce a widely varying array of colours of poo, and there's a multitude of threads around on poo. It's a subject that vexes us all :roll::lol::lol:

My girls quite frequently produce frothy mustard type poo, and it doesn't seem to be a concern... to them anyway. I'm less keen on it, it doesn't scoop up easily, needs rinsing away to get rid of it, a pain given that they invariably produce it right outside the back door, and we've got a hose-pipe ban :shock:

The amount of time I spend scrubbing my back steps :shock:

I'll try and find a link for you about some of the great chicken poo debates :roll: , but in the meantime if the chickens seem well, are eating well, look healthy, not hunched up or fluffed up, and laying (if they've come into lay that is) I wouldn't worry too much :D:D


A quick edit to add the link to the Omlet guide to chicken poo :shock:


I hope that this may be of some help.

Also if you go to Chicken clinic, you can check out the Chicken ailments sticky there- it provides links to some of the chicken poo debates that have gone on in the past, and there are a couple concerning yellow & orange poos, which might be relevant.

Happy reading :wink:

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Oh thanks Kate, i shall sleep easy tonight. If you can find the thread about the poo i am very keen to learn all about it :shock:


Our chucks are still in the run cos we have loads of windfall plums which i'm worried might upset their tums if they glutted on them. Trouble is there are so many plums on the tree that once i've cleared up one lot next day there are fresh ones. Good point about sticky poo though cos i've noticed that it drys rock hard on the resting bars in the eglu and is quite awkward to get off. Still got to get a good routine for keeping everything clean but practice makes perfect!!!


I wonder if its possible to toilet train chucks??? :?

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Your problem made me giggle :shock: Sorry Chris :roll:


My pepper pot has "normal" poos but my Ginger Nut Ranger has poos exactly as you describe. I've tried witholding various types of food. I've wormed her. I've given her Avipro (probiotic), yoghurt, porridge, no treats at all...... The list of thing I've tried is endless and still her poos are mustard, grewl, explosive, green, yellow, anything but "normal". I've had her for a year now and she is a fabulous layer, full of energy and a wonderful character. Poo...... I just clear it up :!::lol::lol:

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in my ignorance i thought well shes ginger then perhaps she has ginger poo. But i thought no i can't post that people will think i'm mad :roll:


Anyway all the chucks are really fiesty so that should be a good sign.


The thing is that i've keep tropical fish and they are extremely delicate. As such you tend to watch for anything out of the ordinary so that you can take action before fatallities occur. I'm afraid that this policy has now crept into chicken keeping :wink: but i don't think this is such a bad thing in these early days.


Frankly, I can't wait to let our chucks free range - they're such characters and i can't wait to see how they like the entire garden. Watch this space cos i think this will give rise to more paranoic questions :D

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My Speckledy used to do loads of the orange poos before she started laying, but I haven't seen so many lately. Either they've been washed away by all the rain we had last month, or they were a symptom that her insides were preparing for laying (maybe having a spring-clean?) :?

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don't worry about the orange stuff- it is a little disgusting but seeps away quiet quick


it seems to stop when the lay regularly- on the days they don't lay- we occasionally get it again


correct to be concerned - but this seems normal


a bit of chicken spice does seem to get them laying though

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Yeah read that this colour poo was an indication that she might be close to laying. So in anticipation i put some scredded paper in last night. This morning guess what a big plop of orange poo right in the middle of the paper :lol::lol::lol:


It could just be an upset stomach or something minor as she is settling into her new home. Mine occasionally poo like that. Hopefully it will clear up soon for her.

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