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Fresh Pellets?

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Hi folks, we got the girls last Wednesday and filled up the grub and glug. I've changed the water every second day - because it was almost empty and looking dirty. However they still have loads of pellets left and I'm aware that the info says it should last them about 3-4 days. Should I replace it anyway as its 5 days old or just leave it? They've not had a lot of treats - a couple of sprinklings of corn mix and last night a tiny amount of fresh corn - which they went wild for! Cheers, Fee

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I think a whole grub full of pellets would last them for AGES. I change my chooks pellets about once a week to ensure they are nice and fresh and dry and that they are not going a bit musty from overnight damp. If I were you I would put less in the grub at a time so that not so many are wasted. I only use my grub for holiday time and still have the old style peanut feeders which are just the right size for my girls. I would advise you to change their water every day especially if the weather is warm to cut down on bacterial growth in it :D

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