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Not one-but two!!

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Hi folks, have had the girls for 5 days and came home this afternoon to 2 beautiful, small but perfectly formed eggs. I just need to work out who did them!. Beauty, the black link seemed to be the oldest because of her comb, Belle, the bluebelle was pacing back and forward looking restless before I went out at lunchtime and I think Jasmin, the speckledy is too young as she has a very small,pale comb.They are both exactly the same size, a very pale beige though one is slightly darker than the other. Could Beauty have laid them both? I thought Belles were supposed to be quite dark brown.Any ideas all you experts. Cheers, Fiona

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Our Vera who is a Bluebelle lays smaller pale beige pointy ones where as Hilda who is a Blackrock lays fatter darker beige ones - they do actually taste different too which is bizarre!


It took us a good couple of weeks to work out who laid what though - was only confirmed when they were "caught in the act" so to speak.

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