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Dial-Up or Broadband - How do you get here?

How do you connect to this forum?  

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  1. 1. How do you connect to this forum?

    • Dial-up
    • Broadband

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Broadband for me :D

A little while ago when our old PC died I had to visit MIL for my forum fix, and endure her dial up connection. So slow :shock:


Wireless is an option, but if you use WiFi do use a password to prevent others using your connection. Locally several of the teenage boys congregate in one of the lads back gardens with their laptops to use someone else's unprotected WiFi connection :shock: I don't fully understand how it works..... but Seb's madly saving his paper round earnings in the hope of eventually being able to buy his own laptop to join in the fun :roll:

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I did wonder about this wireless thingy


I think you have to actually have the connection to the property and then you make it wireless with a router or similar (modem type thing)


If you haven't got a broadband connection there is satellite broadband but that is quite pricey and I can't remeber where I found out about it now.


Cant you go round and plead with the old dears to plug for broadband use in your area -or can we not all have a go via the web? That might help!!

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Thanks for the offer Andrew :P


The olds around here don't even have computers, & also there are a few rented houses where the renters come & go every 6 months (they work on the local estate & Polo stables :roll: ),so they are not interested.


I will keep bombarding BT with emails,which I am sure they will keep ignoring :lol:

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